Value YOU

A few years ago, I traveled to Jerusalem for the first time. I was so excited to travel through the same land that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ walked. I traveled with a tour group of individuals that I met for the very first time and my sister who traveled with me. I found myself quickly making new friends.

Everything was just as I had imagined and even more. Of course, we toured the tomb were Jesus’ body was placed, the Dead Sea, the Jordan river, and many excavation sites. It was only when we visited the excavation sites that the concept of Value You became very radiant and clear to me.

Every item removed from an excavation site has some level of value assigned. Whoever assigns the value is responsible for considering a variety of factors to establish an items’ worth. A couple of factors are the priceless value representing the past and the value it will demand in the future. Data is collected from the archeological site and cataloged preserving informational value. Items removed from the site containing gold can demand greater monetary value.

The wonder of it all is that from beneath layers of dirt there are hidden treasures. Treasures not even known until access is gained, an evaluation is determined and then the item is put on display. It is in the midst of unearthing that all uniqueness is revealed. In this moment, self-value awareness became critically relevant in my understanding of strategically planning for the desired future. Knowing that there is a worth within you that is uniquely yours.

A worth derived from a multitude of past experiences that pays forward into your future endeavors. Can you now see the eminent benefit of exploring past experiences which seemingly buried you in a field of dirt? Disappointment, disillusionment, and disheartenment all leaving you believing that there was no value left within. Not So!

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