About Katie Newborn

My Story

Katie attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff from 1983 to 1988. She obtained her degree in Psychology and was simultaneously commissioned into the United States Army as an Officer. The United States Army is one of the most physically demanding entities of the four forces and she doesn’t even like exercise. 

Katie has found value in her life through 17 years of training and leading teams into the mission fields. She and her teams were successful in positively impacting the lives of women and children rescued from human trafficking. These mission trips contributed great substance and value in Katie’s life. She was inspired to write her first book “Mission Possible: If You Move; God Moves”. Her book is filled with stories and experiences which completely changed the trajectory of Katie’s life. Because of these experiences and the release of Katie’s book, she has founded a non-profit KNMinistries. Also, a community initiative “ Mission Possible “ to encourage young girls to know their self-value.

Katie has been highlighted and interviewed by Voyage Dallas Magazine as a best in Dallas entity. Katie was also spotlighted and interviewed on Indie Beacon Radio for recognition of her authorship. Katie is both a National and International Speaker. Katie has spoken to crowds of hundreds and thousands in Africa, Belize, Cambodia, Canada, Dominican Republic, etc..

Katie finds herself intrigued by the process of excavation. Excavation seemingly has a destructive aspect that would contribute no value or substance. However, the excavation process itself is the method to uncover, expose and allow for the viewing of great hidden value. Treasure which would perhaps never been discovered. Value You is a similar excavation journey of discovery for the very best of you.

What Can I Do for You?

“With Men This Is Impossible, But All Things Are Possible With God” Matthew 19:26 (NIV)  

As in the scripture of the New International Version Bible, I have found that the assigned mission given to me, by the Lord, has seemed impossible to achieve.

However, my continued surrender and meager efforts to progress on my journey, has created a world in my life with God that makes all things impossible very much, possible.

– Katie Newborn

I can speak at your event.

I take an immersive and interactive approach to speaking at events. If you are looking for a highly engaged environment, I’d love to talk to you about your event

I can host a workshop for your event/organization

If it is important to you that your audience finds value in their work by digging deep to discover their Value within,  I’d like to host a workshop taking your audience through the “Value You” Framework

I can work with you on a 1:1 experience to discover the VALUE in YOU