Mission Possible Book

Mission Possible

mission possbile book by coach katie

My mission with the mission possible book is to encourage and inspire each individual to seek for their inner purpose. Motivating each to take even the smallest steps for beginning their process of discovery; unveiling their hidden treasures that lie within them. As you read this book, I hope to help you with you this.

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About the Author

Katie Newborn graduated from the University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff and received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology, was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the United States Army, and has Masters level Global Leadership experience. Today, she is the founder of KN Ministries, the parent organization of her evangelistic ministry and the Mission Possible Organization. A global organization that supports the efforts of Christian believers through training, practical help, and spiritual encouragement. 

 As a result of her commitment, both ministries have broken through the denominational and cultural barrier, thus, affording her the privilege of impacting thousands of lives across the globe. 

Right now, Ms. Newborn is focusing her time on helping Leaders ready to Pivot discover their Unique Life Blueprint. 

With years of outreach and missions experience, she shares her wisdom all around the world, with the goal to encourage and inspire her fellow brothers and sisters in their journey, life, and in Christ.