The Value You Approach

The Value You Approach

Seeing your Strength in Weakness

A lot of times our greatest strength is born from what we see as weakness. With the value you approach we breakdown all of your assets (these includes the things you term "weaknesses" ) With my approach I will help you switch your mindset to discover how your weaknesses can also help you move forward.

Recognizing your hidden talents

Most times, the things that come easy to you are the very things placed in your life to propel you to the next phase of your life. With me, I will work with you to discover ways you can make the gifts you already posses work for you.

Understanding Your Power to Impact & Influence

We all have the power to be impactful and influential all it takes is to overcome our mental blocks and fear. With my value you approach, I will help you sharpen your influential power and put it to good use to move you into the next phase of your life.

Why the "Value You" Approach?
KN Ministries gives you the opportunity to consider SELF.

Allowing you to perhaps consider yourself for the first time, by assessing your prior experiences, talents and failure to discover the blueprint within you that leads to understanding your assigned purpose!

Who is this for?

Organizations & Small Groups

We have seen massive results teaching the "Value You" framework to small groups. If you are an organization, this exercise helps your employees or upper management determine how their inner blueprint can be applied to the workplace. This helps them feel like their purpose is being utilized even in the workplace.
If you are not a corporate entity, but an organization focused on helping your audience discover their purpose, this workshop will also be the perfect way to help them discover their purpose within

Individuals at Pivotal Points in their lives

If you are an individual going through a pivotal moment or right at the door of a transformation. the "Value You" Framework helps you rediscover all the things that makes you YOU. The "Value You" framework allows you to dig deep and look at your situation past or present from the lenses of opportunity. Working 1:1 with me allows you to get my undivided attention as I help you navigate this new territory and come out other side FULLY TRANSFORMED

It's time for a change and it's all within YOU. Let me help you discover the VALUE within

My assignment is to empower you so you never doubt the VALUE within YOU

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Framework generic to Everyone?

If you get a 1:1 coaching experience with me, the framework will be tailored specifically to your situation and built around the transformation you are hoping to achieve.
However, if this framework is being applied in a workshop setting; it may not match your specific goal but will be tailored close enough to meet the general theme of the workshop. If you are needing something VERY specific schedule a call to discuss my one on one option

What are your qualifications?

I have been in the industry for about 17 years, have spoken on international stages reaching women across the globe. Inspiring individuals to never doubt their value.
To sum it up, I have been getting results for people for years, and I can do the same for you.

How many people would make up a small group?

For a small group, a minimum of 4 people will be enough to get things going as a group.

How long does a workshop take?

A workshop typically takes about 2 - 4 hours depending on the group and the goal. Once we have our initial meeting and get things going, we will work out all the kinks.

How long does a 1:1 Experience take?

A 1:1 experience with me is a 6 -8 weeks journey. With a tailored framework, I will help discover the VALUE within so you can experience your transformation